www.rbc.com/activate – Activate your RBC Card Online Now!

www.rbc.com/activate is the official website of the Royal Bank of Canada for its customers to activate their cards online.

We show you how you can easily do that online here using our small step by step guide.

Read on for the full guide for www.rbc.com/activate website on this page.



Card NameRBC card
Website Namewww.rbc.com/activate
Brand/Bank nameRoyal Bank of Canada
Issuing Bank NameRoyal Bank of Canada
URL of Websitehttps://www.rbc.com/activate/

How to Activate your RBC card online?

Follow the steps given below to start RBC card activation online:

  1. Click on this link to access www.rbc.com/activate website.
  2. Here, you will be first asked to enter your card.
  3. Enter it and click on the “Start Activation”.
  4. Now you will be asked to enter the contact details to confirm your identity.
  5. Enter those and click on the “Finish” button.
  6. You will now get a message that the card has been accepted.

Need Help

If you are facing any issues with Royal Bank card activation and needs help with that, get in touch with their customer support for help.

Here’s the toll free customer support phone number for Royal Bank cards:


About Royal Bank of Canada

Royal Bank of Canada is the first bank in Canada for assets and market capitalization, and is among the largest banks in the world by market capitalization. RBC is one of the leading diversified financial services companies in North America, offering personal and commercial banking services, wealth management, insurance, investment banking and corporate and services for investors worldwide.

It has approximately 80,000 workers, who serve the needs of more than 15 million private, business, institutional and public sector clients, from its offices in Canada, the United States and 51 other countries.

RBC Investor Services

RBC Investor Services is one of the leading providers of investment services for asset managers, financial institutions and other institutional investors around the world.

The unique approach of RBC Investor Services based on both national and international solutions, together with an award-winning customer service and the experience of 5,500 professionals in 15 markets, help your clients achieve their objectives.

RBC Investor Services ranks among the ten largest depositories in the world, with a managed asset volume of 2.1 trillion Euros (approximately 2.8 trillion US dollars).

Objectives Of The Client:

RBC Investor & Treasury Services made the strategic decision to outsource the development of the RBC settlement systems interconnection project with the central counterparty entity (ECC) to:

  • Obtain the best available resources in the market in the technologies required for the project.
  • Ensure compliance with the target deadlines requested by the ECC.
  • Achieve the best possible efficiency in outsourcing costs.

Bank Focus:

  • Bank applies their methodology and selection process of professionals to get the best candidates, minimizing the risks of their “integration” to the project and ensuring the skills and experience involved.
  • Bank ensure that the personal data of the candidates are truthful by requesting documents and certificates of accreditation.
  • Bank achieved a certain commitment to good performance through: the tacit acceptance of the conditions of the job and the signing of confidentiality agreements on the information handled by our clients.
  • Bank received the approval of our clients through an interview prior to their incorporation
  • Results obtained.
  • Incorporation in time and form of the requested resources: profiles of Programming Analysts in Natural Adabas on UNIX platform and of Analysts Programmers in Java.
  • Adaptation of prices and payment conditions to the requirements and budget constraints requested by the client.
  • Flexibility when accepting the terms and conditions requested by RBC for the contract.
  • Guarantee of replacement of the candidates selected and incorporated to the project if the client requests it for any reason.
  • Guarantee of new additions to the project if RBC needs it to meet deadlines.


Have you activated your card using www.rbc.com/activate website. If you were able to do that, do let us know with the comments section given below.


  1. when to activate my card >>>>FRIST STEP PUT IN YOUR CARD NUMBER >>>I DID O SOMETHING NOT RIGHT ….what a joke just like anything with the banks …

  2. I when to the RBC branch to collect my card and the envelope had been open when it was handed t to me, no issues I just thought that was strange.

    I have activated my card, but I did not get a PIN number, will it arrive int he post ?

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