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americanexpress.com/confirmcard – Confirm your American Express Credit Card Online!

americanexpress.com/confirmcard is the official website of American Express for their customers to confirm their card online.

In this page, we show you how to confirm your card online using american express.com/confirmcard website easily.

Scroll down for the full guide for americanexpress.com confirmcard website on this page.



Card NameAmerican Express credit card
Website Nameamericanexpress.com/confirmcard
Brand/Bank nameAmerican Express
Issuing Bank NameAmerican Express
URL of Websitehttps://americanexpress.com/confirmcard/
Direct LinkClick Here

How to Confirm & Activate your American Express Card Online?

Follow the step by step guide given below to confirm your AMEX card:

  1. Visit the official website of American Express card confirmation (americanexpress.com/confirmcard) by clicking this link.
  2. Now, on this page, you have to enter your card info on the space given in the card design.
  3. Enter the card info and click on the “Confirm” button.
  4. Now you will be asked to log in to your account with americanexpress.com.
  5. If you don’t have an account with them, sign up for an account now.
  6. After signing in to your account, enter all the more info asked on this page.
  7. Click on the “Finish” button after completing the process.

Need Help?

Do you need help confirming you card online?

Get in touch with their customer support toll free number for further help:


About American Express

The number of payment and credit cards on our market is growing like yeast. Electronic money successively displaces traditional banknotes and coins from everyday use. Visa or MasterCard operate the vast majority of our cards – but the world does not end there. There are other payment organizations, including American Express. How are American Express cards different from the rest? Why are they treated as elitist? How can you get them?

What is American Express?

American Express is a payment organization originating from the United States from the 19th century. From the beginning of its existence, it tried to make life easier for travelers. Initially, it was involved in issuing travelers’ checks, and currently, it issues and supports payment and credit cards. American Express is one of the biggest competitors of Visa and MasterCard – the two largest card issuers in the world. American Express cards are the most popular among US residents.

What is the American Express card different from the other?

It’s hard to find a glaring difference between Amex cards and Visa or MasterCard. Currently, all organizations offer cards with packages of additional comprehensive services that customers can tailor to their individual preferences. However, there is a widespread opinion that Amex cards have a particularly attractive insurance offer for travelers.

The only obstacle you can come across using an American Express card is its limited acceptability. Although there are more and more retail outlets servicing Amex customers, we will not pay in many places to the organization’s card. The situation, however, would certainly improve if a more significant number of banks offered the Amex cards and as a result, they went to a wide range of clients.

How to get an American Express card?

There are two basic distribution channels for Amex cards. First of all, they can be found in the Millennium Bank offer. Importantly, the bank issues them as its own cards, and their settlement currency is zloty.

The second way to get a card is to order it at the Amex office or via one of the banks that only deliver the finished American Express product. In this case, we have three types of cards to choose from: green, gold and platinum, which differ in the amount of the credit limit or the package of additional services. Gold and platinum cards are merely for more affluent and demanding clients. Please note that cards offered directly by American Express can only be settled in Euros or US Dollars. This means that by paying with this card for purchases in Poland, we will have to bear additional costs of currency conversion of the transaction to the card’s settlement currency.

American Express Centurion – a legend among the cards

American Express has prepared a special offer for its most valuable clients – a black Centurion card. Cards cannot be ordered; Amex independently selects and invites members to the Centurion program. It is so prestigious and exclusive that it is treated as a kind of legend. Having a black Centurion card is associated with annual fees of up to several thousand zlotys, but its owners can use an extensive range of services, even from free accommodation in the most expensive hotels in the world.


I hope your were able to complete the card confirmation process using americanexpress.com/confirmcard website and our step by step guide. If you’ve anything to say about this, use the comments section for commenting down your thoughts.

capitalone.com/activate – Activate your Capital One Credit & Debit cards now!

capitalone.com/activate is the official website of Capital One for its credit card users. Users can log in to this website and activate their credit and debit cards online.

We’re showing you the exact step by step guide for activating your Capital One debit or credit cards online here.

Read on for the full guide for capitalone.com/activate website now.



Card NameCapital One card
Website Namecapitalone.com/activate
Brand/Bank nameCapital One
Issuing Bank NameCapital One
URL of Websitehttps://www.capitalone.com/activate
Direct LinkClick Here

How to Login to Capital One Credit/Debit card Online?

Follow the steps given below to activate your Capital One credit or debit card online easily:

  1. Click on this link to access capitalone.com/activate website.
  2. On the next page, you will be asked to sign in first. If you’re having an existing Capital One username, click on the “Sign In” button and sign in.
  3. Click on the “Enroll Here” button if you don’t have a Capital One account already.
  4. Sign up for your new Capital One account by entering your Last Name, SSN & Date of Birth on the next page.
  5. After creating the account, come back to the capitalone.com activate the website itself and start again.
  6. If you want to activate a credit card, click on the “Sign In” button.
  7. Now, If you want to activate your Debit card instead, click on the link on this page saying “Need to activate a Debit card?“. Now you will be asked to sign in.
  8. Enter your username and password and sign in to your account online.
  9. After signing in, your card details will be asked.
  10. Enter that and click on the “Activate” button.
  11. You might be asked to reset your card PIN, and your card will be activated.

Need Help?

If you need any help activating your Capital One card or if you faced any issues activating your card using capitalone com activate website, you can contact their customer support for help.

Here’s the toll-free customer support number of Capital One:

1-800-CAPITAL (1-800-227-4825)

About Capital One

capital one logo

MasterCard ranks second in the middle of the top three credit card companies in Canada in terms of the number of credit cards offered and the number of transactions made with this card. Unlike American Express, MasterCard does not offer cards on its website, or cards under the exclusive name of MasterCard. Rather, your MasterCard will be offered by your bank, credit union or retailer.

This means that you will find the supplier company logo and the MasterCard logo on these cards.

That said, MasterCard divides its credit card products into three categories: MasterCard Standard, World MasterCard, and World Elite MasterCard.

  • Standard MasterCard can take many forms, such as a no-fee credit card, a rewarded credit card, or even a cashback credit card. These cards are used to help you make purchases, build your credit rating and potentially earn rewards in the process.
  • The World MasterCard, however, will always be a rewarded card. The most popular MasterCard World in Canada is the Capital One Travel World MasterCard, but there are also cashback cards, point cards, and other travel and hospitality reward cards. If you are responsible for this card and pay your balance on time every month, you can earn more rewards with the World MasterCard than with a standard MasterCard.
  • Finally, World Elite MasterCard cards are one-third higher than the rewards MasterCard line. There are four World Elite cards available in Canada from BMO, CIBC, RBC, and MBNA. Rewards range from cashback to travel rewards points, but cards can also come with some benefits such as escort flights, travel credit and additional services and trips.

Benefits and Characteristics Capital One Card

Benefits Capital One card

  • Get a higher credit rating if you make your payments on time.
  • You can make progress up to 100% of your quota.
  • Lowest monthly driving fee.

Features of Capital One card

  • This card allows you to make only national purchases.
  • Current interest is settled from the same day of purchase, including purchases deferred to one month.

What are the advantages of the Capital One card?

It is one of the Capital One cards that offer less reward; however, this card is useful in many aspects. One of these benefits of this card is its fast approval with an average credit, which if it is the first card that the user acquires is ideal to learn how to handle the credit.

After approval, it begins with a fairly low credit limit of $ 300, at which time the financial institution promises to increase the credit limit once the client makes five payments on a monthly basis and before the expiration date.

With your Capital One card, you can transfer balances, but this can only be done once it has been activated and ten days have elapsed. Also in the case of Capital One card, you cannot make the transfer from any other account of Capita One bank, which comprises retail cards issued by this institution.



Have you activated your Capital One card using the step by step guide we have written here? We hope you did. Do let us know your opinion on capitalone.com/activate website on the below-given comments section.

mybpcreditcard – Login to BP Credit Card Login Online!

mybpcreditcard is the name of the official website of BP for their credit card customers to log in to their account and manage their cards and check balances.

So you just got your BP credit card on mail and want to register it online? We’re showing exactly that here with a step by step guide for BP credit card login.

Read on for the full step by step guide for mybpcreditcard website.



Card NameBP Credit Card
Website Namemybpcreditcard
Brand/Bank nameBP
Issuing Bank NameSynchrony Bank
URL of Websitehttps://mybpcreditcard.com/
Direct LinkClick Here

How to Login to mybpcreditcard online?

Follow the below-given steps to easily log in to mybpcreditcard.com website:

  1. Click here to visit mybpcreditcard com.
  2. In this page, check the left page, you will find an option called “Log In To Your Account
  3. Below that, you’ll see the option to enter the “User ID” and “Password“.
  4. Enter both in the space given and click on the “Secure Login” button.
  5. You will now be logged in to your account.

How to Register your Card on mybpcreditcard.com?

Here are the steps for registering your BP credit card online:

  1. Visit the mybpcreditcard.com website by clicking on the button given below.
  2. On the next page, you will find a green button called “Register“, click on that.
  3. Now, here you will be asked your card details and Zip code.
  4. Enter that and click on the continue button.
  5. Now you will be asked more details to verify your identity, enter those and continue using the “Continue” button.
  6. Next, you will be asked to choose a “Username” and “Password“.
  7. Select those and complete the registration by clicking on the “Finish” button.

Need Help?

Are you facing any issues with BP credit card login? Contact BP customer support for assistance now.

Here’s the toll-free customer service phone number for credit cards from BP:

  • Customer service: 844 832 0035
  • Visa card customer service: 844 832 0030
  • Platinum Visa card customer service: 844 887 1975

About BP


BP or BP PLC, a British company created to extract and market oil in the oil fields of southwest Iran. This article discusses its early history and development from its inception in the early 20th century until 1955, when it became the British Petroleum Company.

The participation of the British government in the oil concession was intimately related to the imminent conversion of the Royal Navy to oil fuel. The British provided indirect financial assistance and political backing for D’Arcy’s company, and in 1909, through complicated financial arrangements and intricate political maneuvers, D’Arcy’s original concession became the Anglo-Persian Oil Company. The company also acquired the rights, and the shares of the First Operating Company and, later, of the Bakhtiari Oil Company created in Great Britain. D’Arcy became director of the new conglomerate, a position he held until his death in 1917.

The British government took hold in Iranian affairs through a Parliament Act of 1914 that granted the government control of APOC through the property of fifty-three percent of the shares and the privilege of appointing two ex officio directors with veto powers over all the acts of the company and its subsidiaries. A thirty-year contract between the Admiralty and the company secured a steady supply of oil to the Royal Navy at substantially reduced prices.

To overcome the resistance, the British agreed to allocate three percent of the shares of the Bakhtiari Oil Company to their bosses. In the Ḵuzestan province, the British had to obtain the consent of the Arab tribal chief, Shaikh Ḵaẓal, who controlled the Moḥammera region in the Persian Gulf and paid nominal allegiance to the Iranian government; an agreement of 1909 guaranteed his rights in the area and granted him the right amount of cash and a loan of ₤ 10,000. Soon after, the island of Abadan in the territory of Azal was selected as the site for an oil refinery: it opened in 1912 with an annual capacity of 120,000 tons and grew to become the largest in the world.

In 1935, the name was changed to Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (AIOC) to fulfill Reza Shah’s wish that foreign governments call Iran instead of Persia.

The company’s relationship with the Iranian government remained cordial and stable over the next few years. Following the new agreement, the British developed the Naft-e Sah field in Kermanash, erected a small refinery in the area and in 1934 registered the Kermanshah Petroleum Company in London as a new subsidiary. The production and benefits of the AIOC increased substantially during this period. In 1933, the company produced 7,087,000 tons of oil and paid 1,785,000 to Iran. By 1939, AIOC’s oil production had increased to 11,327,000 tons, and the payment to Iran of ₤ 4,300,000.


So have you registered your BP credit card online using mybpcreditcard website? I hope you did that without any issues and with our step by step guide. Do let us know your opinion on the BP credit card and their website using the comments section given below.

How to Activate your Credit Card on Call?

There are various situations where you have applied for the credit cards, but then you have second thoughts about whether to get it activated or not. If you’re having second thoughts about getting your credit card activated, then you are actually inviting a theft at your workspace or home where you have stored your credit card.

Basically, you are just avoiding the process of getting it activated. But if you’re thinking that by not getting the credit card activated will be no consequences, then you’re wrong because it will. The consequences will be the effect on your credit report. It is because once you’ve applied for the credit card and you have received one, your account has been opened for several days. A hard inquiry will definitely show up on your credit report. So to avoid all the fuss, get your credit card activated soon. Nowadays it is very easy via phone or a call.

How to Activate your Credit Card on Call?

how to activate a credit card on call

Follow the simple rules to get your credit card activated over a phone call.

1. Find the phone number:

If you’re getting your credit card activated via phone, then you’ll have to find the valid phone number which is given by the company. With that phone number, you can activate your credit card. You can find the phone number on your credit card or maybe on the envelope you have received your credit card in.

2. Information ready:

Unlike online, you have another person waiting on the call for your help so save yours and their’s time as well gather all the information before calling them up. You’ll need basic information like credit card number, account number, security code (CVV, which is present at the back of the credit card) and date of birth. You’ll be asked your full name as well.

3. Call:

Once you have the number and all the information ready with you, dial the number. You’ll reach a recorded service and then guided by a computer voice. Follow the instructions properly and put all the information that is asked by the system. You’re likely to be asked for a credit card number or security code.

4. Complete the process:

After you are over with providing them with all the necessary information, your credit card will be activated.

5. Sign:

Once you’re done with the process, peel off the sticker from the credit card and add your signature to the back of the card. Always remember that the sticker which contains all the activation information should be there and if in case it’s already taken off from the credit card, please contact the bank or the company.

Get your credit card activated via the simplest and easiest method today so that you can utilize the good part of them. Use them for purchasing good stuff and have fun. The company expert will re-confirm all the information given so that they are assured that you’re the right fuel owner of the credit card and not some kind of a fraud human.

How to Activate your Credit Card Online?

Sometimes when you leave an inactivated credit card lying at your office or home, you are basically inviting people to steal it and get it activated. But all you have to do is get it activated yourself and that too online. How cool is that? Getting your work done within a few seconds at the comfort of your own space.

All you have to do is follow the below instructions carefully and activate your credit card online in just a few seconds.

How to Activate your Credit Card Online?

how to activate a credit card online

1. Find the activation information on your credit card:

The credit cards usually have a website where you can register or put up the required information and get the card activated. To find the website on the credit card or maybe on the packet which came along your credit card.

2. Set up your account:

For activating the credit card online, you need to go to the same website you found on the credit card and set up your online account with the company. You can check if your credit card company requires an online account or not because some company does not. If yours do, then you’ll need the necessary information like date of birth, social security number, e-mail address, password and your account number which is already mentioned on your credit card. You might also want to set up a username different from your mail address.

3. Log in:

If your credit card requires the online account and you have registered an online account for activating your credit card, you’ll have to log in. After logging in the account, you’ll reach the website which will activate your card. You’ll need your username (which is separate from the mail address) and the password you used to register the account to access your account.

4. Enter the information:

For activating the credit card, after logging in, you’ll have to enter the basic information such as the credit card number, your name, the security code (the CVV) which is present at the back of the credit card. You might also need your social security number and your date of birth for the information.

5. Submit:

After entering all the details, double check the information and then hit submit option or maybe the activate button to activate the credit card.

6. Confirm that you activated:

For some security reasons, the financial institution experts will call you to double-check that whether you have activated the credit card or not. They can send you a mail as well, whatever suits you. If you don’t receive an email, you can contact the company to verify that your credit card was activated.

7. Sign:

Lastly, remove the sticker off the credit card that had the activation information on it and sign the back of the card with your name.

Getting a credit card is very easy if you have the right information and you don’t panic with getting it to activate. Activating your credit card lets your bank or credit card company know that you have received the card and that it is in the right hands.

How to Totally NOT Use a Credit Card?

Have you ever want to increase your credit card rewards? Well, of course, because that raise your reputation and makes your credit company happy. But don’t need to bother it because they are earning the profits from your money.

Do you want that they can earn form you?

If not, so just pay attention to below-listed tips because they will make you wholly trapped in debt. Well, the credit card holder will do great fun with the following methods because you can do whatever you want to do.

How to Totally NOT Use a Credit Card?

how to not use a credit card

1. Create multiple accounts of credit card you see

Don’t bother yourself in thinking credit card rewards or bonuses. Make your best deal today if you get any. Suppose you’re seeking out the 10% off on your favorite store so just take apart on it and make your payment done with a credit card by not bothering yourself. It raises the interest rate of a credit card. Don’t worry! Just do sign up!

2. Never clear your dues on time

If your credit card is not connected with the interest rate schemes so why you’re thinking so much? In any case, you miss the due date don’t panic because they just charge a small fee and raise your interest rate. Since nobody can figure out how the credit card goes and where. Just enjoy the time off today!

3. Always clear transaction fees

Suppose you’re going on a trip of Amsterdam so don’t bother yourself with foreign transaction fees. Credit card Company likely to charge 3% of a fee that generally goes for the best cause that must be bank profits, credit card rewards and much more. This would be good to pay because it can help you to pay for goods and service without any use of passport on foreign land.

4. Withdraw cash through a credit card

Well, it is totally out of mind why people use ATM if they have credit cards? If we compare the both we find credit card use more beneficial because an ATM you can withdraw only what you have, but in credit card, you can do any transaction whether you can afford it or not? This certainly disrespects the APR and fees.

5. Help your friends

It is a good cause which you can do with a credit card. How? Suppose your friend need urgent cash help form you, and you have no enough cash, but you have a credit card. You just co-sign with his account application where he gets the cash even you become equally responsible for paying off.

6. Use issued checkbook by a credit card company

The best credit card is you can do any pay whether you have no cash in your hands. If you want to pay off your rent or whatever where credit card does not use so don’t forget you have checkbook too. You can pay by signing on the checkbook. Don’t worry about fees or additional charges. Forget the rewards and get rid of stress.

Using your Credit Card Wisely – A Small Guide!

In the world full of the hustle and bustle, almost everyone around the world uses credit cards for different purposes. To get a good credit card rating, one has to use a credit card again and again. Many people use a credit card wisely, but some people get trapped I this scheme and end up in heavy cycles of debt. The debt keeps on increasing because of the heavy interest rates by the private sector banks and agencies.

How to Use your Credit Card Wisely

using credit card wisely


Here are some ways to use your debit card wisely to escape the cycle of debt –

1. Use reward points

Many credit card firms and companies offer rewards point for some successful transaction. By blending the monthly purchases and bills, one can get a huge amount of rewards which can be used for discounts, cashback for many goods and services.

2. Check out for hidden fees

Almost 90% of the credit card holders get trapped under the hidden fee structure. Many firms print the information of hidden fee information on the back side of the paper which is almost never understood by common people. Before issuing a credit card, know about hidden fee structure such as processing fee, maintenance fee, late fee, the rate of interests, etc.

3. Clear credit card debt weekly

Try to clear up the debt weekly or on the basis of the monthly cycle. Try to pay money in advance so that it may help in times when you are not in an emergency or not in the status of paying the amount. Pay even the smallest debts as soon as possible to avoid heavy interests. Paying back amount early helps people to avoid paying a higher rate of interests.

4. Never use a credit card abroad

Using credit card abroad can make your pockets lighter due to the heavy conversion charges. Before traveling to any country, contact the credit card form and ask about the conversion rates and charges levied from the users. Basically, the conversion charges levied abroad ranges from 3 to 5 percent.

5. Buy only the items which you can really afford

This is the most basic and crucial step which people strictly need to follow up. While going shopping buy items which you can really afford on the basis of your monthly income. Remember to calculate the interest you have to pay while buying an expensive item, if it fits on your monthly budget then only you should proceed further. The use of credit card in case of shopping and buying unnecessary items should be avoided.

One should realize the drawbacks of having a credit card. If a person is unable to pay the debt, it may affect the credit card rating and even lead to you in legal trouble. People who fail to pay the debt are often regarded as defaulters, and they can never enjoy the services of private as well as public sector banks. Therefore it is advised to use a credit card only in case of emergency. Buy items which you can really afford based on your steady monthly income to avoid the plastic trap.

How to Choose the Best Credit Card for you?

In this modern era, a credit card is one of the best methods to make payments for the goods and services. It is also known as plastic money in terms of “economics”. It is a way to carry cash in a safe mode, but it is proficient of exacting awful destruction if misused. Therefore, it is very important for the cardholder that he should pick the credit card according to his requirements and also follow the safety rules.

How to Choose the Best Credit Card for you?

how to choose credit card

Here, we’re going to share a few things which you should keep in mind while selecting the card for your job.

1. Expenditure practices

The first thing you should definitely ask yourself that what is your aim to use it? Are you the person who wants to use it every day? Or do you want to use it for emergency purpose? And do you want to use it every month for personal expenses?

Once you decide, now look at how you can pick the card:

  • If you’re going to use it every month for paying any fee, you must go with a card without an annual fee. So, you do not need to pay finance charges.
  • If you’re going to use it for shopping or personal expenses, go for the card with generous limit and rewards program.
  • If you want to use a credit card for emergencies only go with a no-frills card with a low-interest rate.
    The number of cards is available, but you have to think why you need it and what’s the aim?

2. Credit limit

It amounts that cardholder willing to borrow from the card issuers. Well, this only depends upon your past behaviour. For example, if you borrowed the money and unable to repay this break down your score even credit card issuers check your current balance that helps them to cut or increase the credit card limit.

3. Dues and consequences

There is a no motive of credit card issuers to earn form you. They just charge a fee according to your requirements such as transaction fee, asking to raise credit limit, cash advances and much more. Whereas consequences is a fine which you have to pay only if you fail to repay the credit amount or clear you paid amount late.

4. Credit Balance calculation method

It is a method of calculating the finance charges that you have to pay. The most common method for calculation is an Average daily balance where your daily balances are added together and divide with a number of days in the billing cycle. This winds up your finance fee. Please stay away from those cards which calculate by two billing cycle.

5. Inducements

It is a reward program that is given by the credit card issuers to the cardholders to encourage them to use their card more and more so they can earn points and get large credit limit and other existing offers and gifts. Always look for the card which gives you rewards which make your experience better.

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