How to Totally NOT Use a Credit Card?

Have you ever want to increase your credit card rewards? Well, of course, because that raise your reputation and makes your credit company happy. But don’t need to bother it because they are earning the profits from your money.

Do you want that they can earn form you?

If not, so just pay attention to below-listed tips because they will make you wholly trapped in debt. Well, the credit card holder will do great fun with the following methods because you can do whatever you want to do.

How to Totally NOT Use a Credit Card?

how to not use a credit card

1. Create multiple accounts of credit card you see

Don’t bother yourself in thinking credit card rewards or bonuses. Make your best deal today if you get any. Suppose you’re seeking out the 10% off on your favorite store so just take apart on it and make your payment done with a credit card by not bothering yourself. It raises the interest rate of a credit card. Don’t worry! Just do sign up!

2. Never clear your dues on time

If your credit card is not connected with the interest rate schemes so why you’re thinking so much? In any case, you miss the due date don’t panic because they just charge a small fee and raise your interest rate. Since nobody can figure out how the credit card goes and where. Just enjoy the time off today!

3. Always clear transaction fees

Suppose you’re going on a trip of Amsterdam so don’t bother yourself with foreign transaction fees. Credit card Company likely to charge 3% of a fee that generally goes for the best cause that must be bank profits, credit card rewards and much more. This would be good to pay because it can help you to pay for goods and service without any use of passport on foreign land.

4. Withdraw cash through a credit card

Well, it is totally out of mind why people use ATM if they have credit cards? If we compare the both we find credit card use more beneficial because an ATM you can withdraw only what you have, but in credit card, you can do any transaction whether you can afford it or not? This certainly disrespects the APR and fees.

5. Help your friends

It is a good cause which you can do with a credit card. How? Suppose your friend need urgent cash help form you, and you have no enough cash, but you have a credit card. You just co-sign with his account application where he gets the cash even you become equally responsible for paying off.

6. Use issued checkbook by a credit card company

The best credit card is you can do any pay whether you have no cash in your hands. If you want to pay off your rent or whatever where credit card does not use so don’t forget you have checkbook too. You can pay by signing on the checkbook. Don’t worry about fees or additional charges. Forget the rewards and get rid of stress.

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