How to Activate your Credit Card Online?

Sometimes when you leave an inactivated credit card lying at your office or home, you are basically inviting people to steal it and get it activated. But all you have to do is get it activated yourself and that too online. How cool is that? Getting your work done within a few seconds at the comfort of your own space.

All you have to do is follow the below instructions carefully and activate your credit card online in just a few seconds.

How to Activate your Credit Card Online?

how to activate a credit card online

1. Find the activation information on your credit card:

The credit cards usually have a website where you can register or put up the required information and get the card activated. To find the website on the credit card or maybe on the packet which came along your credit card.

2. Set up your account:

For activating the credit card online, you need to go to the same website you found on the credit card and set up your online account with the company. You can check if your credit card company requires an online account or not because some company does not. If yours do, then you’ll need the necessary information like date of birth, social security number, e-mail address, password and your account number which is already mentioned on your credit card. You might also want to set up a username different from your mail address.

3. Log in:

If your credit card requires the online account and you have registered an online account for activating your credit card, you’ll have to log in. After logging in the account, you’ll reach the website which will activate your card. You’ll need your username (which is separate from the mail address) and the password you used to register the account to access your account.

4. Enter the information:

For activating the credit card, after logging in, you’ll have to enter the basic information such as the credit card number, your name, the security code (the CVV) which is present at the back of the credit card. You might also need your social security number and your date of birth for the information.

5. Submit:

After entering all the details, double check the information and then hit submit option or maybe the activate button to activate the credit card.

6. Confirm that you activated:

For some security reasons, the financial institution experts will call you to double-check that whether you have activated the credit card or not. They can send you a mail as well, whatever suits you. If you don’t receive an email, you can contact the company to verify that your credit card was activated.

7. Sign:

Lastly, remove the sticker off the credit card that had the activation information on it and sign the back of the card with your name.

Getting a credit card is very easy if you have the right information and you don’t panic with getting it to activate. Activating your credit card lets your bank or credit card company know that you have received the card and that it is in the right hands.

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