– Activate your Citibank Credit Card Online! is the official website of Citibank for activating their cards online.

We show you how to activate your card online using cardactivation citi com and a step by step guide.

Read on for the full guide. But if you just want to visit the website instead, use the direct link.

Card Name Citibank credit card
Website Name
Brand/Bank name Citibank
Issuing Bank Name Citibank
URL of Website
Direct Link Click Here

How to Activate your Citibank Card Online?

Here are the steps you need to follow to activate your Citibank card online:

  1. Visit the official wbesite of Citi card activation ( here:
  2. Here you have to enter your new credit card number, it’s security code and last four digits of your social security number or employee ID (whichever you have provided at the time of applying for the card).
  3. Next, click on the “Continue” button.
  4. Now, on the next page, you will be asked more questions about yourself.
  5. Complete the card activation by clicking on the “Finish” button now.

Need Help?

If you need any help with activating your Citibank card online, get in touch with the Citibank customer support here:


About Citibank

It is hard to miss Citibank. With a worldwide presence, this giant of the modern banking industry is hard to miss entity in any scenario, be it financial or everyday affairs. There are several interesting facts about the Citibank.

  1. It is very rich: It has been estimated that the Citibank is one of the asset rich banks with is assets estimated to be a whopping $1.7 trillion in America. It is said that the bank is one of the nations four banks which account for half of the nation’s mortgages. The bank also hands out two-thirds of the countries total credit cards. It is very safe to say that the mega-merger of the Citigroup and Traveller group in 1998 has proved to be the world leader today.
  2. The Spend Tracker: One of the unique features of the Citi Thankyou rewards programme is the spending tracker. This feature on the home screen of their website allows a customer to view sign-on bonuses, bonus amounts and expiration dates, bonus miles, and even how much you must spend to get specific rewards.
  3. A hearty rewards programme: The Citibank rewards programme is said to be one of the best in the financial world. Its cashback rates are the highest any institution offers and can be used in many ways. This applies not just to the credit card holders but also customers with checking accounts. Points can be earned on purchases, transaction and even for use in daily expenses. The points earned can be redeemed against discounts, air miles, gift cards, and goods. It even has a service where the customer can use the points to buy goods which are not listed. This rewards programme is one of the attractions that gets a customer to trust the Citibank.
  4. The Citi Bike Programme: An initiative towards helping people better their health, and in a bid to create an energy efficient transport method, The Citi Bike programme was introduced in 2013. Under this programme, people can hire bikes for use for a nominal fee. This was also done so that the crowded roads in a metropolitan area could be decongested.
  5. The Garden Bridge Project: The London Garden Bridge Project is an effort on the part of Citibank to make the world a better place. A tree and wildlife lined walkway across the river Thames are estimated to cost three million euros.
  6. It is the Boss in Banking: Even though the Citibank is said to be one of the biggest banks in America, it is said to have over 200 million customers spread across 160 countries of the globe. o be the largest banking institution across the world.

The Citibank also has a private-label credit card division, Citi Retail Services. Many major stores across America partner with the Citibank for their credit cards, such as Costco, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, The Home Depot, Staples Inc., Shell oil among others. The Citibank’s online services are said to be one of the most trusted services in the banking sector.

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