– How to Activate your Sears Card Online? is the name of the official website from Sears card for their customers to activate their cards online easily.

On this page, we show you how to activate your card online easily.

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Card NameSears Card
Brand/Bank nameSears
Issuing Bank NameCitibank
URL of Website

How to Activate your Sears Card online?

Follow these below-given steps to activate your Sears card online.

  1. Click on this link to access
  2. Here, you will be asked to verify your card information.
  3. Enter them and click on the “Verify” button.
  4. Now, after that, you will be taken to the next page, where contact info will be asked.
  5. And you may be asked to select a PIN for your card.
  6. Enter that and click on the “Finish” button
  7. Your card will be activated now.

Need Help?

If you’re facing any issues with activating your Sears card online, contact their customer support toll free number for help.

(416) 941-4425

About Sears

Sears is a one of the main retail chain in the USA. This is the place where a lot of Americans can do shopping of the clothes, machine, lawn care gear and automotive supplies. The store offers a wide variety of items for the home, furniture and more.

It was known as the place where the United States bought its products, but the giant is now struggling, taking the path that many other big companies have in a spiral of failures.

Top 13 Facts About Sears:

Sears has played such an important role in the lives of people that we decided to share 13 facts that most people do not know about sears.

  1. Even though technically it was included under the name of Sears, Roebuck and corporation in Chicago, Illinois, Sears was founded as RW Sears Watch Company, by the Richard W. Sears, who is the former agent of the place where he sold watches of mail order in Minneapolis in join with the watchmaker Alvah Roebuck.
  2. Sears catalogs have had a tremendous impact, thanks in part to the free rural delivery program of the US government, which has helped deliver mail routes to rural areas of the country.
  3. Sears went public in 1906, selling $ 97.50. In the current market, the opening price of the share would be more than $ 2,500.
  4. The first Sears’s brick and mortar store opened in Chicago in 1925 to take advantage of the boom in car use, which allowed a lot of rural and suburban customers to shop in the city and Metropolitan centres.
  5. At first, Robert E. Wood, who had dish up as general for the period of the First World War, show the way to the expansion project?
  6. From 1920 to 1943, Sears owned the Encyclopaedia Britannica and sold the reference works in the catalogs.
  7. The Sears catalogue had several names. First it was called “Book of good offers”, then “Manufacturer of Grand Prizes” and, finally, “Book of wishes”. Sometimes catalogs can contain up to 500 pages.
  8. For the duration of the Great fall down, the store stay put afloat with sensible and reasonably priced articles of everyday life, such as towels and socks. By the end of the loss period, the number of Sears’s stores had doubled the income.
  9. Sears’s stores passed the 700 mark and the corporation became international, opening in Mexico and in Canada.
  10. It’s possible that Sears has not sold everything in the catalogs, but it would not think that many products would find their place, like prefabricated houses.
  11. The Sears Tower, inaugurated in 1973 and renamed as Willis Tower in 2009, was the tallest building in the world until 1998.
  12. In partnership with IBM, Sears created Prodigy, one of the first home based Internet platforms.
  13. A lot of brands have sprung up at Sears, including All State Insurance, Kenmore, Craftsman, Discover Card (after the buy of Coldwell Banker and Dean Witter).

We hope you have activated your Sears card online using website. Do let us know if you faced any issues while Sears card activation using the below given comments section.

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