About Us

Login Activate helps you with guides about logging in to your favorite credit card & gift card sites.

Why do you need help with logging in to your credit cards and gift cards?

For starters, some credit card login and activation websites can be confusing.

Some times the activation process can be quite confusing, or sometimes it can be simply boring.

That’s exactly why we started this website, to help you with card activation and card login.

We do that with step by step guides for your favorite websites and more, with clear cut step by step guides.

Other than step by step, what do you have?

We do have some more stuff other than the step by step guides on our website.

Such as:

  • Customer Support phone numbers and contact info.
  • Brief intro about the brand and card.
  • Reviews for the cards.

Check out our various categories:

If you want to contact us instead, just use the contact us page here. Please keep in mind that we don’t accept guest posts or anything similar to that on our website.